Vulcanized Repairs

Tyre Damaged? Can we fix it…yes we can, with the Castle Tyres , specialized tyre vulcanizing service.

Another expensive tyre damaged beyond repair…or is it? We specialize in Vulcanizing repairs on tyres of all sizes. This process involves cutting out the damaged section and then welding-in new rubber together with Multi Temperature Cure (MTC) reinforcement patches for a permanent repair.

The repaired tyre is then heat treated in special moulds, at up to 300º F for 1-2 hours, restoring the tyre to its original strength. All repairs are carried out to conform to the BSau159g standard in our fully equipped workshop using the best top quality materials currently available.

Our new Vulcanizing Machine – Vucan Vulcaflex Curing System can be see here Vulcaflex OTR Curing System .